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A Typical wall frame as depicted in the standards is shown below.

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Look at PowerPoint Slides before attempting quiz is sugested


Lesson 1 - 2011 - click to open each document below.

Remember - If you missed first lesson, you need to collect resource package at TAFE, see mike.
Also drawing for saw stool / 1st prac job.

Lesson 2 - 2011 - click to open the document below.

Lesson 3 - 2010 - click to open the document below. acrobat reader 9 is best for access.

Lesson 4 - 2010 - click to open each document

The following are student worksheets, click to open document. Here down are previous years work / often similar to above

j0283912.gif The following PowerPoint shows will act as good revision.

Note: To be updated later in 2010