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This is a new page for this year, and has been created so my trade students can access and download their theory resources. Feel free to access other information throughout this wiki space, however remember some may be a little out dated. All the current information will be located here.

Section 9

Below is the first text resource for the year

Extract from AS1684 - Framing below:

Australia - How to build wall frames / time-lapse

As a contrast to how we work here, have a look at this American Video link below, and we can discuss the differences in class. Note some of his efficiency techniques.

Framing Walls with Larry Haun

Below are more video links, this time from a TAFE colleague here in Sydney. View the following at your lesure, they will also make for good revision.

Buildsum: the second line are more cert IV related, but may be of interest - Wall frame components How to straighten a stud wall Calculate stud length

Timber Framing Code Introduction Noggings Studs at the side of openings Floor load width