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Note: Information on Timber and Concrete is here at present, other information will be uploaded as it becomes available !

Timber assignment for 2009 below, click on icon to open document:

The following will act as good reference on Timber as a Building Material, Note: Some files are large and they may take a minute or two to open. Scroll down to see all available

The following are PowerPoint slideshows from the "Timber Development Association" Note: these are their publications, and they can also be accessed with others at www.timber.org.au

The following are PDF documents from the "Timber Development Association" and "Forest and Wood Products Australia"
Note: Again these are their publications with others being available at the above link.

The following is a usefull resource for information on timber products and the environment


The following provides DIY project information and other usefull downloads from timber.net, click link to go to this page.


The following are PDF documents from the "Cement & Concrete Association of Australia", they remain their property, if you require further information you can contact them. Their contact details are contained within the text documents below.