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Lesson Notes: Scroll to bottom of page, lessons will apear as for other competencies, 1, 2, 3 etc. for 2011

Handrails and other info on PDF - Note: these are available elsewhere on the web and are the products of either "The Timber Development Association" or Forest & Wood Products Australia"
These and other resources can be accessed at www.timber.org.au

Below is the TAFE textbook on stairs. This is the reference text for 2011

Below are student worksheets, click on document to open it, these are from previous years
New notes will be issued for 2011. These ones can be printed as revision exercises.

Lesson 1 - 2011. You need to be familiar with these terms, and the basic calcs within.

Lesson 2 - 2011. Click to open each, the tennon set out will be used on your prac assessment.

j0283912.gifThe following slide shows will act as good revision, click to open them.

Note: This page will be updated in 2011, until then use hard copy notes. Timber development resources above are a good source to begin with.