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j0283912.gifUpdated documents for 2010, Click to open each document below:

Lesson 1 - 2010 - ceiling frames.

Lesson 2 - 2010 - Flat, Skillion & Lean to roofs, intro to gable roofing

Lesson 3 - 2010 - Gable roofs continued, calculations & work for break, also practical set out of pattern rafters

Lesson 4 - 2010 - Gables continued, verge overhangs, erection of

after this lesson, you should carry out practical exercises in gable roofing / then assessments for gable roofs

Lesson 5 - 2010 - begin hip roofing, new members, intro to bevels, calculations for hips begin.

after this lesson, you will set out a pattern rafter for a hip roof.

Lesson 6 - 2010 - bevel development and exercises, review components, triangles in hipped roof
continue calc's exercises from last week.

Note: The geometry drawing should be completed in conjunction with or before this lesson

Lesson 7 - 2010 - practical individual hip roofs have been completed by now.
Dutch gable and scotch valley, then continue prac jobs.

Lesson 8 - 2010 - written exam for hip roofing first, Introduction to Hip & Valley Roofs

Lesson 9 - 2010 - complete prac jobs, scotch valley ?
Then theory and prac on hip & valley roofs below.

Valley Creepers - hand drawn notes from class

j0296981.gifThe following is a good revision guide for set out of pattern rafters. Note this is a big file, and may take a bit to open. Also it should be viewed as a PowerPoint show, for there is a lot of animation to enable understanding of the process. It won't have the same effect if it is printed. Click to open document:

Sketchup: The following are google sketch up images used in class. If you want to view these documents you will first have to download the sketch up program (link below, basic version FREE DOWN LOAD). Secondly download the image files below to your computer. Then lastly view them in the sketchup program.
Note: Copyright requirements for google sketchup and any images here are applicable as stated in googles licence agreements and / or any individual image agreements, etc. it should be understood that image files have simply been provided here for ease of access for students.

Google Sketchup sketch_up.gif

Below are calculation work sheets with worked examples, click on each item to open it.

The following are class worksheets, other than calculations, click to open each