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Note: Some items and text throughout these pages have been removed, however you will find the latest updated resources under the link Trade 2016 below, and Cert IV 2016

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The information contained on these pages is for students to access either additional
information, or if they are absent from class it will give them a resourse to obtain to help
catch up work.

The PDF documents obtained on these pages are freely available on other sites, I have
simply gathered them here for ease of access.

Trade 2016 / 2017j0296981.gif1st Year resources

Trade 2017 saw.gif2nd year resources

Cert IV 2016 Supervision

Notice Board

Certificate IV - Flex Group

Certificate IV Flex Group - Semester 2

Timber and Other Materials

Levelling and Set Out

Excavation & Concrete

Ground Floor Construction

Wall Framing

Roof Trusses

Student Catch Up

Stair Construction

Roof Construction

Advanced Roofing

External Cladding

Windows & Doors



Wet Area Construction

HTML Files

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